Are you stressed and looking for a place to unwind or wash your worries away? Belle and Dragon is the place to be. It’s one of the most laid back places I’ve ever been to and the price is just right for the quality and creativity each dish brings to the table. On our first visit we had the pork buns, nachos, smores, jerk chicken, and chicken wings. They were all great but the nachos really stood out. Imagine your favorite nachos replaced with crispy deep-fried wanton chips smothered in cheese, sauce, and fatty ground meat. That’s not great, that’s awesome – just like their jerk chicken and wings.

“The sauce that came with it felt like a punch in the face, but one full of love.”

I’m not a fan of grilled chicken, but theirs tasted like it was basted in fat, which is a good thing since grilled dishes tend to dry themselves out. The sauce that came with it felt like a punch in the face, but one full of love – the kind you’ll want to get hit with over and over again. Even their chicken wings were one of the best I’ve ever had as it was coated in a light thin crispy batter, which went perfectly well with its second coating of glorious sweet sauce. This solved the common problem of the sauce dripping off like in other restaurants who make these so-called buffalo wings.

“The wings’ cream cheese which is on a whole different level of umami.”

Another highlight isn’t a dish but the wings’ cream cheese which is on a whole different level of umami. It made me give a victory scream for chicken and cream cheese. And though the price for some of the dishes may be a bit too expensive for some, their drinks are fairly priced. While dining, throw in a beer and you’ll never look at food the same way again. At the end of the meal, the nachos, jerk chicken, and wings with cream cheese were the highlights of the night. When I revisit, I’ll definitely get these dishes again – they’re just that damn good!

The Breakdown
Pork Buns
The meat was tender and lean. The buns were fluffy and sweet. And the sauce was there to marry all these flavors together, creating a nice simple umami-filled bite.
Chicken Wings
Most likely the best wings I’ve ever had. The sweet sauce coated in sesame seeds went great with cream cheese which tasted like it was foraged from ten different types of herbs. It was a successful marriage of flavors.
Shepherd’s Pie
Rich creamy rustic mashed potatoes on top of nicely seasoned ground beef. A classic dish that tasted like it was made back in the 1800’s. It’s comforting and addicting. The only way to understand it is to have one yourself.
The chef’s ingenuity comes into play when you get this. They replaced the corn chips with deep-fried wanton and it was amazing. This was good for three to four average people, but only good for one not-so-average person.
  • HEIST SCORE - 7.5/10
The Belle & Dragon

Address: OPL Bldg, 100 A.Palanca St., Legaspi Village, Makati
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun 4:00 pm to 3:00 am
Telephone: +632 625 8828
Dinner for two with drinks: around ₱1,300